World AIDS Day 2022 Dec 01, 2022

World AIDS Day is observed on December 1 each year. This is a day for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV. Getting tested for HIV is the only way to find out if you are infected.


Accurate screening of HIV patients

Because AIDS has a long incubation period, many patients are still healthy after infection, accompanied by mild symptoms or no symptoms, it is likely to lead to HIV transmission to others, with lifelong infectivity. Therefore, how to make a clear diagnosis of AIDS in a short time and screen out HIV carriers is the main method to control the spread and development of AIDS at present.

Nowadays, HIV infection is mainly diagnosed by HIV antibody detection method. In addition to enzyme-linked immunoassay method, rapid test, which has the characteristics of simple operation, convenience, fast detection speed and high sensitivity, has also been widely used in clinical practice in order to better screening.


What we offer

InTec, a global market leader of the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry specialized in infectious disease diagnostics with a focus on screening at the point of care offers reliable test kits for HIV. It is worth mentioning that InTec Anti-HIV Rapid Test has been pre-qualified by World Health Organization and CE certified by TUV, Germany.

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