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HIV lateral flow rapid test kit One Step Anti-HIV (1&2) Test

WHO Pre-qualified


Sensitivity: 100%

Specificity: 100%

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Lateral flow Anti-HCV rapid test kits Rapid Anti-HCV Test

WHO Pre-qualified


Sensitivity: 99.7%

Specificity: 99.8%

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Malaria P.f Ag Test One Step Malaria (Pf) Test

WHO prequalified and CE marked

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Malaria pf/pv test kit One Step Malaria (Pf/Pv) Tri-line Test

WHO prequalified and CE marked

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 ABO & RhD Blood Grouping Kit ABO & RhD Blood Grouping Kit

Exclusive method

Solid-phase method

Accuracy rate: 100%


The kit is intended to qualitatively detect ABO blood group system A/B antigen and Rh blood group system D antigen in fresh finger prick blood/ anticoagulated venous whole blood.

Human blood contains a wide variety of blood groups, of which ABO and RhD are the most common. Blood group identification is a crucial test item prior to clinical blood transfusion, and has important clinical significance. When the blood group antigen on the surface of red blood cells comes in contact with the corresponding antibody, red blood cells will undergo agglutination reaction, which will eventually lead to hemolysis of red blood cells and endanger life. As a result, correct identification of ABO and RhD blood antigens is an essential prerequisite to ensure safe blood transfusion and avoid related diseases.

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