Intec was awarded the "2022-2023 Outstanding Performance Supplier" by the Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Service. Jan 10, 2024

In September 2023, Intec was honored with the "2022-2023 Outstanding Performance Supplier" award by the Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Service (EPSS), recognizing our contributions to the local healthcare sector.

Abdulkadir Gelgelo, the Director of the EPSS, presented the award to our company.

We primarily provide EPSS with POCT diagnostic products for prevalent diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. This contributes to addressing local challenges in disease diagnosis, including difficulty and cost, thereby promoting public health infrastructure, and ensuring equal access to the healthcare services.

POCT Rapid Testing: A Powerful Tool
Addressing Public Health Challenges in Africa

Building a robust public health defense in Africa and ensuring that high-risk populations can receive timely diagnosis is of utmost importance. POCT products, with their characteristics of wide applicability, real-time results, portability, and efficiency, are well-suited for public health governance in African countries. They serve as the preferred "tool" for disease prevention and monitoring, significantly contributing to the expansion of disease screening initiatives.

Innovation-driven, InTec sets the "gold standard" for quality casting.

Intec’s HIV products have obtained various certifications, including WHO PQ and CE. The product successfully passed the WHO product performance evaluation and demonstrating 100% for both sensitivity and specificity. With the outstanding product performance, it has become the local "gold standard" for HIV testing, earning high reputation for the Intec brand's value and social responsibility.

Beyond HIV products, addressing the prevalent malaria disease in Africa, we actively promote product innovation and upgrades to enhance diagnostic rates. Currently, the malaria product is undergoing WHO PQ certification, aiming to benefit more people in the future.

Apart from Ethiopia, our products have been simultaneously exported to over 30 African countries, including South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, and more. The export volume of HIV rapid tests to the South African market alone has exceeded 100 million. As a key contributor in public healthcare, we are dedicated to contributing to the construction of a Central-African health community. Through our actions, we aim to contribute to realizing the vision of a healthy Africa and aid in building a strong public health protection network.

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